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Olatiwa Karade founded Splendid Rain Co at just 19 years old. Fed up with her personal experiences with racially charged violence and the political climate that emboldened ignorance around her, she created a brand that reflected her pro-blackness and aimed to normalize pro-black statements.  

Splendid Rain Co was founded in November of 2017, becoming a viral sensation almost instantly and selling out within 24 hours. Since its founding, Splendid Rain Co has been featured by journalistic outlets such as the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Blavity, Dazed & Confused Magazine, Afropunk, Refinery29, Yahoo Lifestyle and many more. Olatiwa Karade & Splendid Rain Co both aim to create conversations about race that center the needs and wants of Black people especially those of whom are non-men, trans, disabled visibly or invisibly, fat, dark skinned, lgbtqia+, or any further marginalized by systemic forms of oppression. 

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