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Please read the FAQ in its entirety before submitting a message about your order below.


When should I expect my order?


The current processing time stands at around 2-3 weeks. Orders may be delayed due to Covid-19 up to 6 weeks.

Continental USPS shipping can take between 1-14 days, while international shipping is undetermined due to the pandemic. If you experience trouble after shipping, please contact USPS with your tracking number.


Glitter vinyl sample:



What is your return policy?


Splendid Rain Co is not accepting returns or exchanges at this time. 

I messed up my address/size, can I message you to change it?

Please submit any alterations to your order as soon as possible. Changes may be accepted depending on the processing stage of your order.

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Is your clothing unisex?


YES! Everything available in our store is gender neutral.

Size Chart













Color Chart

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What's the approximate fit? 

Hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts fit true to size. Size up for a loose fit and down for a snug fit. For an oversized look size up two times.

I'm white, can I buy your clothing?

Yes! Though there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, you're buying from a Black woman and that is the closest you can get. I don't however speak for all Black people, so please refrain from shouting "reverse racism!" if you get a look or two, I also am leaving it up to you to refrain from buying items which have a message that is not appropriate for you, This also applies to non-black POC. As always, you're expected to fight for the rights of those more marginalized than you inside and outside of your sweatshirt!

Contact Us

Have questions or concerns? 

I'm always ready to help!

Your inquiry is important to us! Please allow 3-5 business days for a response.

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